Lawn Care Tips You Have To Know

If you are residing in a warmer climate, summer can be one of the hardest times for lawns. It can be a time to experience the various problems that can cause stress and poor health to homeowners. However, with some lawn care habits, you can improve your lawn no matter what season it is.
Regularly do the watering

Your turf will be healthy through regular watering. With proper watering, water is absorbed down the deeper part of the soil. This will make the grass heat and drought tolerant because of its fast evaporation.

By watering the grass, you can make it create a deep root system. If it has shown signs of wilt, sprinkle water immediately. This is an easy way of making a deep root system for the grass.

Before summer comes, your lawn should be healthy already. As much as possible, you should take care of your lawn before summer. This is the same with winter lawn care.

Apply fertilizer to the lawn, before the hardest seasons of the year comes which are the summer and winter. The fertilizer will make the grass healthy at the peak of the heat and cold season.  You can  get more information by clicking this link here.

Why is it important to do the correct lawn mowing?

During summer, the number one problem is the loss of moisture in soils. The lawn's condition will be improve through proper watering as discussed previously. But you can also improve the soil by reducing the amount of water loss through evaporation.

You can cut the grass short when it is tall already. However, it is useful if you allow them to grow during summer. When the grass grows, it provides shade and insulation to the soil to fight loss of moisture. Hence, the grass will have less heat stress. You can  learn more by clicking here now. 

You can also add insulation by doing the mulch mowing. Instead of collecting and throwing them away, the lawn cuttings must be recycled back. By recycling the lawn clippings, it provides insulation to the lawn soil from moisture loss. They also add nutrients to the lawn apart from the fertilizer.

Have pest control

There are pest control treatments which are dangerous to the lawn, especially if it is not applied by the professionals. As much as you can, never treat weeds and pest with the use of chemical pesticide during summer. Wait for the milder days to spray the treatment. You can do the pests and weeds treatment in spring and not in summer.

Lastly, to take care of your lawn, you can hire a professional. This will make sure that your lawn will look healthy no matter what season it is of the year.